Why Sherlock Holmes is in Love with Molly Hooper. He just doesn’t know it.

Or maybe he won’t let himself realize it.

But he sees her differently than anyone else.  In way that confuses him.  She confuses him.

He just, he seems to respect her in a way he doesn’t respect anyone else, even John.  We never see him insult her intelligence.  Her ability to make a joke?  Yes.  Her looks?  Yes.  But never her intelligence.  He also seldom deduces anything about her mind and her thoughts (or at least never announces that he’s done so).  Really, the only time he does (at Christmas in SiB), it’s because he thinks she has a boyfriend.  He thinks she’s moved on from him.  And he never questions her.  She says “thank me,” he says “thank you.”  Even with John, he asks why, but not with Molly.  I really could go on for hours if I had time.  I wish I did.  I need to Molly fangirl more often than I do.  But I have another blog dedicated just to mine and my friends’ thoughts on her character and her relationship with Sherlock.   Clearly I think about this too much.


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